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We are Canada's most advanced pharmacy, with licensed stores in Ontario and across the country.

Smart Rx

Securely manage your medication and refills using our SMS-based healthcare technology.

Health Concierge

Get professional help 24/7 from PopRx pharmacists and partners.

The Benefits of using PopRx

We deliver your medication right to your door.

We keep track of your conditions and offer you the best medication option.

Get your own professional pharmacists for support.

Access our FREE pharmacy programs and services.

Need a doctor?

Our canadian doctors are ready to help you.

Monitor your health with our health programs

A personal health coach and your PopRx pharmacist will watch your numbers and make adjustments to your treatment in real-time, provide tips/advice, and keep your doctor informed. A free service (and equipment) for PopRx members.

Diabetes Health Program

Being Diabetic isn't always easy. But you're not alone. Our health coaches provide you with personal support and monitoring equipment, tools and guides to help you manage your diabetes.

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Meet Terry

She's a health professional in your region.

Hi, everyone! My name is Terry, I’m here to..

Help you with your questions regarding the medication and treatments.

Provide you with order updates and delivery options.

Check your health stats and keep you healthy.

Connect with Terry. She will tell you next steps Messenger SMS Call

We care for patients like Kara and Jane.

And other more than 5000 more customers across Canada.

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