How PopRx works

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  • Take a picture of your prescription bottle or your new paper Rx.

    We will automatically generate a medication list for you. Use your medication list to order and track your medication refills.

  • Manage your medicine cabinet.

    You now have all your medication information consolidated in a simple list, so you won’t ever get stuck wondering what you have in your medicine cabinet.

  • Pay in-app with a credit card or have us directly bill your private insurance plan.*

    Upload you insurance information and avoid having to file your claims later. We do the direct billing and charge you the same

  • Get FREE Same day delivery available on your medication orders.

    PopRx works with local Canadian pharmacies in you area to fill and deliver your order.
    Simply select an available delivery window for us to drop off your meds and you’re done!

Key Features

  • Have a family to take care of? Mom, Dad, Kids, Granny and Gramps: we built PopRx for them in mind.
    You can create and manage up to 8 profiles in your PopRx app, so that you can manage the pharmacy for your whole family.

  • Create a personal medical profile that will help the pharmacist offer you individualized advice for your prescription needs.

    Our pharmacists care about your health. Let them offer you personalized advice on your prescriptions and better your health.

  • Need to get in touch with your pharmacist? Use the chat feature to get your answers quickly.

    Our secure chat module allows you to talk to your pharmacist and discuss what ails you.It’s almost like the pharmacist is standing right there next to you, everyday.

  • Get direct savings on your prescriptions by uploading your insurance info; we do Direct Billing. Want to save even more? Apply for a FREE drug benefits card with innovicares and get huge savings on brand name medications.

    Sign-up free or enter your existing number today in-app.

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Users love PopRx

  • Testimonial
    PopRx is my favourite...and is trying to change the idea of prescription delivery.
    ...The pharmaceutical industry is very traditional; there hasn’t been much innovation there. [PopRx] looked at the way that prescriptions are being delivered and decided that there must be a better way.
    Harley FinkelsteinCPO, Shopify
  • Testimonial
    PopRx Saves the Day! 
    Careless after an accident and not being able to get to a pharmacy, I decided to try the App. Worked great and no delivery charges!!! This is such a great app especially during our cold Canadian winters.
    Farah BeeCustomer, Winnipeg
  • Testimonial
    My 88 year old grandmother uses an iPhone, I can see her using this...
    And I could see myself using it, it was recognizing that this service was clearly going to be digitized and they had the technological expertise, the platform and it was perfect timing...
    Nicole Verkindt President, The OMX

What does it cost?

PopRx is a FREE delivery service and application.

We work with local Canadian independent pharmacies to make sure our customers receive the best local service and prices.

Best part: You pay your usual price or better. Guaranteed.

Still not convinced?

Don’t worry, you will receive a confirmation of the total price, including the dispensing fees, prior to accepting the order.

We believe in giving you all the necessary information to make an informed devision about your health & medications.

Want to know more? Visit our FAQ.

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